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Jill of Wake-Up Team
Jill of Wake-Up Team

My first musical work, which was an Oratorio called "Wake-Up", was completed in the early autumn of 2005 and a year later it was performed in our home church with just two singers and an amazing organist. After this, work began on the Green Bible and it was all hands to the pumps. Later, in January of 2007, I began to note down some musical ideas, they proved to be the first two of ten new pieces. The first piece was purely instrumental and the other, a song of praise. During my morning quiet times, I would sometimes find that a scripture stood out amongst all the other scriptures; these proved to be the lyrics for the new series of songs. Now I have ten pieces of music from the Holy Spirit. As I gradually wrote these songs, Rez and Chris had been doing all their research and studies. Now as the songs have reached completion at much the same time as their sermons, I have been amazed to see that the songs really complement and enhance the messages. Once again, the Holy Spirit has moved in my life to really enhance a gifting that He has given me. Because of this I know that I am not being arrogant when I say that this music is very beautiful and moving. Thank you Holy Spirit.

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