The Team

Wake-Up consists of three people; Rez, Chris and Jill. Below is a short testimony, along with the history of Wake-Up.

Jill of Wake-Up TeamJill

Seven years ago, having been away from church and away from God, I began to understand that I was very lost. Our Lord Jesus began to show me the truth about my life and about Him and I soon found myself getting to know Him much better and walking through a healing process both spiritually and emotionally. At the same time, Reza my nephew, was also getting to know the Lord Jesus and soon our paths crossed and our lives changed forever as the Lord began to reveal a job that He had for us.

So, we began our work together; the guys studying scripture and writing essays and sermons and me writing music from the scriptures. This last series of music was clearly to work with the coming sermons and help in calling the lost. Problem, I was not able to play the piano publicly with any ease. My nerves were so bad that my fingers disconnected from my brain, (which I think was in backwards). Over the last four years, the Lord has helped me grow in confidence and skill as I’ve devoted all my free time to His work. So, as well as playing and singing in public, I have learned to work in the recording studio; reading and recording the Green Bible and recording the songs on the piano as well as singing.

I have never been so fulfilled or so peaceful. When times are hard He is here, when times are good He is here. The joy of walking in His service is something for which I have no earthly words; but I am so grateful to our wonderful Lord Jesus and to the precious Holy Spirit. Thank you Father for this amazing time in which we live!

Chris of Wake-Up TeamChris

I didn’t have a religious upbringing, although I believed in a God, I just didn’t know who He was. My childhood focused around golf and my ambition when I left school was to be a professional golfer. I achieved this and I also had a couple of other jobs within the golfing industry; teaching, working at a golf club and working for a golf company.

The older I got, the more unfulfilled my life became. On paper I had a good life. I had my health, a good job, good friends, I had money, a good upbringing and so on, but it wasn’t enough. One day (I was 28 at the time) I was speaking with Rez (a member of Wake-Up) and he was speaking to me about Jesus (he was already a believer). We had spoken about Jesus before, but this time it was different; Rez said to me “God loves you” and I believed Him. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and at that point I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. This was October 2005 and since then my life has changed dramatically.

Six months after being saved I started attending meetings with Rez and his aunt Jill (Jill is the other member of Wake-Up) and at that point, Wake-Up was fully formed. The Holy Spirit was guiding us specifically and to my surprise the Holy Spirit revealed to me, that my calling was that of a teacher.

Rez of Wake-Up TeamRez

I didn’t get brought up in Church, neither did I go to Church. I was brought up in a non-Christian household. I failed school and college nicely, so I started to think of what I did want and didn’t want in my life. I decided I wanted freedom; this ‘freedom’ was money.

I started my own business and it didn’t take long before the company started to take off. I did however make some big mistakes, ridiculous overheads, brand new sports car and not credit checking companies.

After a few years, things went seriously wrong in the business. Soon we were heading for bankruptcy, as the overheads were eating into our cash. My Company went bust and I lost everything, including my identity.

As things were getting very bad, I remember crying out to God with every ounce of my strength and a few weeks later God answered that call (2002). The Lord spoke to me in my bedroom and made it clear to me that I was to see a preacher from New Zealand who was speaking in Hastings. After meeting with him, I accepted Jesus and Jesus changed my life.

I always knew after meeting the Lord, there was a calling on my life, but I was uncertain of exactly what it was. The Lord then brought me and Jill together and then Chris Joined us a few years later and then Wake-Up was born. My calling was now becoming clearer; a preacher.

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