Wake-Up is formed

Jill composing music
Jill composing music

The first thing that happened was the writing of the music, "Wake-Up" which was in the form of an Oratorio. When it was finished and ready for its first performance, Rez, Chris and Jill had begun meeting regularly and work on the Green Bible had also started. So, the organisation was formed and took it's name from the music. Soon Rez and Chris began their studies and once they had a good understanding of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit started instructing them to write Essays/Sermons/Bible Studies from many different subjects in the Bible, this was June 2007. They had to write one a week and then they had to speak it to the group, in Jill's living room!

Wake-up team
The Wake-Up Team

After a few months of gaining experience, the Holy Spirit told them to speak at their local church on Sunday nights, it was empty, but again, this was to gain experience. They wrote around 29 sermons and then went back over them again as their knowledge and understanding changed and which was a lot of hard work! Then in January 2009 the Holy Spirit told them to write 10 new sermons, taking our knowledge and understanding from the 29 previously written. These were sermons that focused on the fundamentals of God's two greatest commandments; loving one another and loving God. The sermon subjects being around faith, peace, forgiveness and so on. These are now completed and this brings us to the here and now. Alongside the writing of the essays and sermons, Jill was writing 10 new songs which can be read about on the, 'Our Music' page.

The work of Wake-Up

Wake-Up is an organisation that is dedicated to spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our work is in the form of teaching, preaching and music. As a group, we take our work wherever the Holy Spirit directs us. Since June 2008, we have visited Israel three times and we have been to America once. We had a great response on all occasions and we have been invited back to both America and Israel. We plan to visit many other countries in the near future.

Jill was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2012. Unfortunately, Jill lost her battle with cancer and passed away in August of 2013. Although we miss her deeply, we are continuing the work that the Lord has given us to do. That being the case, Wake-Up is no longer active, but we have started a new YouTube channel called "The Two Preachers". Please click Here to visit our new website.

Wake-Up is an organisation that is dedicated to spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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